Blessed are You, Adonai our God, King of the Universe.

Before You Spoke

O Mighty, Awesome, Supreme, Most Holy El-Elyon, Hallowed Be Your Name.
Before You spoke, the concept of life did not exist.  Before You spoke, there was nothing.  Emptiness.  Void.  Utterly nothing.

Before You spoke, there was no grass, no oxygen, no trees.
Before You spoke, there were no mountains, constellations, or beetles.

Babies, the color orange, and kiwifruit, were entirely Your ideas.
You invented softness, plutonium, and sunsets. 

Before You spoke, there was no bird migration, humidity, or laughter.
You invented eye lashes, bees, and gravity.

There would be no sand, vitamin C, or marriage, if You had not created it.
You invented cell division, justice, and soaring eagles.

Two plus two equals four, because You said so.  
But You have the authority to make five loaves and two fish feed ten thousand people.

Before You spoke, You had a plan, a rescue mission in the works, before there were people to rescue.
Before You spoke, You knew what this rescue mission was going to cost You.

You knew it would a cost higher than Your creation could comprehend.  
You knew it would hurt deeper than Your creation could understand.

Before You spoke, "Let there be," You knew what this rescue mission was going to cost You.
You spoke anyway.

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