Blessed are You, Adonai our God, King of the Universe.

May He Increase, May We Decrease

Here I am again, Adonai. Hungry… and in awe. You are glorious. Oh how I love You. When my soul looks at You, it dances. Like the delight of a child playing in water. Like a dolphin flying through the water, and leaping through the air.

Psalm 93

The Lord is King!

Adonai. Glorious Adonai, my heart swells with adoration. You are in charge, thus…. I am free. Thus, I am safe. Thus, I am unfettered by fear.

Oh Hallowed Be Your Name. May Your Kingdom Come.

He is robed in majesty. Indeed — the Lord is robed in majesty — and armed with strength.

Your majesty… fills… my eyes… with such brilliant light… that darkness is miles and miles away from my thoughts. ‘Armed with strength’? Yes! Like a solid granite mountain, wholly unbothered by the strongest storm. Wholly unbothered by the black, seething, poisonous black.

Oh Hallowed Be Your Name. May Your Kingdom Come.

The world stands firm — and — cannot be shaken.

Earthquakes? Atomic bombs? Tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes? Wholly futile against Your will, Adonai. This world will not crumble until You say it does. My world, my life, will not crumble against Your will.

Oh Hallowed Be Your Name. May Your Kingdom Come.

Your throne, O Lord, has stood from time immemorial. You yourself are from the everlasting past.

Who can unseat You? Who can vanquish an eternal, immutable Being? Who would even dare? The vastness of Your supreme power cannot be measured.

Oh Hallowed Be Your Name. May Your Kingdom Come.

The floods have risen up, O Lord! The floods have roared — like thunder! The floods have lifted their pounding waves!

A catastrophic injury? A shattering failure? A devastating defeat? A chronic battle, with no end in sight? They roar…. like thunder, Adonai!

Oh Hallowed Be Your Name. May Your Kingdom Come.

But. …BUT! Mightier than the violent raging of the seas — mightier than the breakers on the shore — the Lord aboveis mightier than these!

Fly to His fortress, oh soul! Sprint! Make a break for it! Just… get there!

Oh Hallowed Be Your Name! May Your Kingdom Come!

Selah! Shalom. ….breathe.

Your royal laws — cannot — be changed.

Yes, Adonai, because You are sovereign… we can breathe. Your royal laws have the final say; they determine all things. We have no fear of this! Why?? Because You. Are. GOOD!

Oh Hallowed Be Your Name! May Your Kingdom Come!

Your reign, Oh Lord, is holy. Holy. Forever. And ever.

El-Elyon! Your reign is… holy!

Utterly set-apart-holy.

Majestically holy.

Standing firm holy.

Unshakeable holy.

Eternal holy.

Mighty holy.

Unchanging holy.

Oh Hallowed Be Your Name! May Your Kingdom Come!

Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of Hosts. The One Who was, and is, and is to come.

El-Elyon, oh God Most High, I bow myself low before You. I exalt You above all else, Adonai. I want You to increase, and I want to decrease. I’m hungry, so hungry, for more of You, more of Your presence, more of Your life. May my thoughts be consumed with You.

Adonai? If my understanding of Your greatness would increase, would not my worries decrease?

If my comprehension of Your majesty would increase, would not my self-love decrease?

If my conception of Your love would increase, would not my striving decrease?

I need You to increase, so that my very ‘self’ would decrease. Oh Adonai, please help me… Help me to take my eyes off of myself, to stop trying to muscle my way through this life and tough it out on my on. Help me to stop. To be still. To know just exactly who You are… that You are God: …sovereign, reigning supreme over all, and wholly kind. Your mercy never ends.

Oh Hallowed Be Your Name. May Your Kingdom Come.

Scripture quotations are taken from the Holy Bible, New Living Translation, copyright © 1996, 2004, 2007 by Tyndale House Foundation.  Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Carol Stream, Illinois 60188.  All rights reserved.

5 thoughts on “May He Increase, May We Decrease”

  1. My favorite part was the end. If my own understanding, comprehension, and conception of God and his greatness, majesty, and love would increase, then my worries, self-love, and personal striving would decrease. Such a simple but complex way to think about our relationship with God through Jesus. This is a warming reminder to me that the more time I spend focused on what matters most, God, the more I will make room for his love and holiness in my heart. <3

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