Blessed are You, Adonai our God, King of the Universe.

You Are Everything

Abba, You are glorious.  Your majesty shines brighter than the sun.  Your rule and dominion over all things is utterly unmatched and firm forever.  Your power and authority will continue for all eternity.  You are not bound by time.  You are not bound by the rules and laws of this universe.  The laws of physics, chemistry, and math do not tie Your hands in any way, for You are in charge of them completely.  You invented them.  

Hallowed be Your name.  May Your kingdom and reign in my heart and life without limit or boundary.  All of me belongs to You.  Consume me, completely, with Your sovereignty and rule.  King Jesus, You are my Vine!  You are the source of my life.  You sustain me beyond measure or comprehension.  I cannot fathom the full extent of what our Vine/branch relationship actually means.  That alone is a lifelong pursuit.  Unity with the King over all other kings?  It's too amazing to understand.  Yet, I long for it.  I long to see You.  I long for eternity.  I long for my forever home.  Oh the glory of such a privilege!  To see You, bow before You, and love You wholly without sin.  Hallowed be Your name!!

You are the Potter, I am Your clay.
You are the Artist, I am Your project.
You are the Father, I am Your daughter.
You are the Redeemer, I am Your redeemed.
You are the Rescuer, I am a rescued one.
You are the Healer, I am a patient.
You are the Shepherd, I am Your sheep.
You are the King, I am Your subject.
You are the Groom, I am a member of Your Church, Your Bride.
You are the Vine, I am a branch.
You are the Fountain, I am a thirsty wanderer.
You are the Resurrection, I am a Lazarus.

You are everything.  

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